I am bohemian, cheerful, I believe that the world is there, to discover it, to travel it, I am curious and I believe that beauty is born from within. I believe in the power of feminine energy, to persuade and achieve everything that is proposed in your life. I AM IMMENSE LIKE THE SEA, COLORFUL AND FREE. WE ARE swimsuits that act as beach charms and activate women's confidence. WE WANT to awaken in you, feelings and sensations of CONFIDENCE, SELF LOVE, INNER STRENGTH, BEAUTY, FREEDOM, MAGIC AND POWER.


Mompossina is a Colombian brand that stands out for its colour, dedicated to the design and manufacture of swimwear. It is a cheerful brand full of elements and vibrant colors that make women feel radiant, fresh, comfortable and unique. The brand focuses on young, modern, avant-garde, versatile, happy women who like to follow trends and be fashionable. Strong colours, the combination of patterns and textures play a fundamental role for the brand.


Mompossina works with only the best materials to make your garments. They also design their own prints, so your swimsuit can have the originality and innovation that you love. In addition to this, they work with highly committed people who love what they do and this is reflected in the result of the final product.